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Nim has over 15 years of experience in:

  • Senior leadership and organisational development consultancy
  • International facilitation of events, team meetings and community meet-ups to deliver inclusive cross-cultural learning spaces
  • Working strategically on real-life campaigns and activism for progressive social change
  • Development and delivery of strategic and skilled training on movement building, activism and campaigning for a variety of backgrounds and prior knowledge

What Nim can bring to your organisation

  • Organisational development consultancy and training that drives transformational change by analysing oppression and power structures.

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    Empowering, joyful and inclusive faciliation of your event, team meeting or retreat, whether virtual or in person, that attends to power, group culture and conflict for transformation.

  • Panel speaking based on years of experience as an activist & cross-issue movement builder practiced at turning political ideals into practice.

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    Training for you team on topics ranging from campaign strategy, group culture, anti-racism, gender and disability.

Work with Nim

Nim has worked with a diverse number of organisations including 38 Degrees, ACEVO, Arts Marketing Association, Campaign Bootcamp, Centre for Intersectional Justice, Citizens Advice, Gendered Intelligence, GirlGuiding UK, Global Justice Now, Greenpeace International, Labour Behind the Label, LeadNow, New Economy Organisers Network (NEON), National Union of Students (NUS), SumOfUs, Stand.Earth, Transgender Europe, ULEX, Uplift, Working On Our Power, and many more.

Nim is an exceptional trainer and facilitator who can make you enjoy really tough and soul searching conversations and processes. Nim, in addition, is a smart activist who understands power exceptionally well.

Daniel Mittler

Political Director and Global Campaign Leader, Greenpeace International

Nim’s approach to training and facilitation is rooted in their deep engagement with and analysis of social movements and social change. It is deliberately structured to raise up the most marginalised, make space for those most excluded, and enable all participants to understand and focus their own power. Nim’s creative and engaged approach enables them to suggest new models and frameworks for comprehending and tackling complicated issues. As a trainer and facilitator, Nim holds difficult dynamics with care and generosity, offering transformative challenge to those they work with.

Rowan Kinchin

Training Manager, Campaign Bootcamp

Working with Nim always resulted in processes full of energy, direction, focus, drive, compassion, and warmth all at once. Nim is flexible, and uses the power and knowledge of the group, combined with their own skills and expertise to move the group closer to fulfilling the goals we set out to achieve. Nim's infectious smile alone is enough to set the energy and tone of the room! :)

Ari Katjezovic

Co-Chair, Transgender Europe

Nim is a thoroughly excellent human, combining smarts and heart in equal measure, who *gets* humans to the core, and is gifted at creating spaces for learning in service of liberation. There are many things about Nim’s work ethic and attitude of integrity which are inspiring and awesome, but it is their combination of kindness, intelligence and a no-bullshit attitude which makes them truly exceptional.

Lindsay Alderton

ULEX Project

Nim is a completely warm, open person who you instinctively trust. Their welcoming nature means that working with them on uncomfortable or sensitive topics is as easy as it can be, no question is stupid and no idea is silly, they are open to your challenges and organisational culture and are able to adapt to pretty much any situation we have thrown at them. Nim is direct which is extremely helpful in the area they have worked with us on, and their honesty and opinion is welcomed and valued.

As a trainer myself, I aspire to be more like Nim in my delivery.

Sam Harris

Head of Talent and Union Development, NUS

Wherever Nim goes they bring confidence, playfulness, care, and deep strategic thought. In modelling those qualities, they bring them out in others and so set the tone for fun, productive meetings and trainings that build lasting relationships.

Nim is exceptionally good at building relationships with people from all walks of life, and building bridges between them. This can be heavy work, but Nim carries it lightly. It's a real gift to have someone like that at the front of the room.

Hanna Thomas

I learned so much training with Nim, they were able to strike the perfect balance between teaching and discussion and connect with people in a way that felt genuine and inclusive. They were able to hold space through challenging topics and bring people in, without making anyone feel on the spot. In addition their animated and enthusiastic style of delivery brought an infectious energy to the session. I really hope I have opportunities to learn from, and with, them in the future.

Ali Brumfitt

Participant on Movement Builders

Nim is one of the best trainers and facilitators I've ever come across. In a sector full of training, Nim always manages to stand above the rest with the creative and inclusive way they approach everything. Whenever someone mentions needing a facilitator, Nim is the first person that pops into my mind without fail. I had the amazing experience of being trained by Nim through Campaign Bootcamp and I walked away from that experience feeling that I wanted to learn how to do what Nim does. It's fantastic and I hope as many people as possible get to experience it.

Ashley Stephens

Founder, Disabled Survivors Unite

I have attended more training than I can count in my time, but being trained by Nim stands out to me heads and shoulders above the rest of my experiences. They have the ability to make you feel seen and heard regardless of the number of people in the room and manage difficult situations in a way that is respectful and grounded, but also gently challenges people to think differently.

Anu Priya

Participant Campaign Bootcamp

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